Cosmic Ordering

What is Cosmic Ordering? 

It's not always easy to get what you want out of life. Have you ever wished for something and you're still waiting for it to come true? Well you don't have to wish any more...simply place an order for the good things in life and they will be delivered by a date you specify - it really is that simple! 

Cosmic ordering harnesses the power of positive thinking and by using the creative energy of your thoughts; you can manifest whatever you desire. You simple ask the Cosmos, the Universe for what you want in your life and by focusing...the universal energy will draw to you the people, circumstances, events, things and signs that you need to move yourself forward and closer to your dreams. 

This concept came from Baerbel Mohr who used the technique to gain her dream job, the ideal man, money and health - even a castle to live in! There are no limits for what you can ask for, whether it be a car parking space, a new love or a new house, money or wealth, health or healing... whatever you desire can be yours. The only demand is that you be positive, be open and be at ease, requesting your cosmic order without worry or attachment to the outcome.

Word of caution...Always ensure that what you wish for is what you really want and be specific! For example, if you ask for a new love, then that new love could come in any shape or form ....seriously...and it might not be what you were expecting. So if you want a new love, be specific. Be clear on the specific traits you want in their character, and ensure you specify that they are free and available, and not already attached to someone else! 

This simple technique can help turn those dreams into's really that simple...Just place your order either writing it down or saying an affirmation out loud and fuelled with the power of positive thinking you'll soon be turning those dreams into reality. 

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