After your healing session

How will I feel after my session?

Everyone is different and will encounter different feelings, emotions and thoughts after a ThetaHealing® session. A lot of work will be done in one session and deep rooted limiting beliefs that are not currently helping you in life will be removed and reprogrammed into positive believes. You will start to experience a shift in your daily life from noticing your new thoughts, emotions and really how you start to react differently to particular people, situations and circumstances. 

However, in noticing a shift in your energy levels, there may also be other somewhat negative issues coming to the surface. These feelings and emotions have always been there but have previously been deep rooted within your subconscious. You may start to become more aware of certain thoughts that are creating your feelings and emotions that aren’t really helping you get the desired results in life. Therefore, more than one Theta Healing session maybe required to deal with these limiting beliefs.