Welcome To Blessence

Born into an Indian family, I was brought up with both Western and Eastern cultural values. From the young age of 7, I started communicating with my spiritual guide, at that time was known as my “invisible friend.” Developing this bond further, I gained insights into my future path, déjà vu, premonitions & awareness through dreams … 

I was tapping into the energy fields, the source, the vibration levels and I had a sense of “knowing” what was going to happen before it did - I just knew. I started to develop my psychic abilities further which then connected me to the spirit world, receiving messages from guides, ancestors, loved ones in the spirit world and also guardian angels.

In developing my ability further, I developed a deeper understood of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, whereby 99% of us is actually invisible! 

I am known as an inspirer and motivator to others, bringing the light when it is needed the most. I am a pure spirit and have a positive, friendly, caring and bubbly nature. My smile will always put you at ease. 

Throughout all my working practices including one to one readings, healings and workshops, I work with complete honestly and unconditional love. No judgment is made and you will feel comfortable and at ease. All I ask of you is that you are open so that I can guide you to the best of my natural ability to help you find your own unique happiness, contentment and joy. 

Love & Light Blessence

What Our Customers Say...

"Thank you so much for the reading, you were fast, accurate and you provided invaluable insight!" Sharni Ryan, Queensland Australia

"I was slightly skeptical before the healing and intuitive session with Sharan but by the end I was positively pleased and surprised. I felt very happy that I did it and some of the things which resulted from the session, I have no doubt could only have come from a higher power. I felt much calmer and more at ease and I would highly recommend giving it a go regardless of scepticism or doubt!" Kain Khokhani, Harrow UK

"Wow. The most fascinating thing about the reading with Sharan was how accurate her answers were to my questions given she knew nothing about the situation. Lots of clear and concise guidance was given and it has made me feel at peace. Thank you so much Sharan. The reading was so insightful and very accurate. You're amazing!" Meera Joshi Patel, London UK

"Absolutely fantastic reading and spot on I've never had a reading before and was a bit sceptical but Sharan turned that a around for me. I couldn't get over the accuracy, I would never go anywhere else!!" Donna Chudasama, West Midlands UK

"I had a reading with Sharan and it was amazing, this is because she was really clear, specific and concise. She concentrated on what came through and gave assurance on things that weren't an issue or not seen to be an issue from her perspective through the reading. There was no time wasting like you sometimes get with other people, and she was really specific about things. I have a lot of faith and trust in Sharan and this is important when you are choosing to have a reading. I took a lot of value from my reading and it provided me with guidance, clarity and information I needed. I would wholly recommend Sharan, without a doubt." Gemini Padman, London UK

"Hi all I just wanted to share my experience with you all. A few weeks ago I called Sharan as I wanted to talk to someone who does not know me so well. Sharan was so welcoming on the phone and gave me a lot of guidance to questions I could not answer myself. She has a very loving and caring side to her and if anyone is facing anxiety please do get in touch with her it will a positive experience" Dips Pandya, Leicester UK